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Hacker group Anonymous targets websites of Icelandic restaurants serving whale meat

By Staff

  • #OpWhales A part of the list of sites targeted by the hacker group Anonymous as part of their campaign #OpWhales. The webpages of severan ministries were down over the weekend due to DoS attacks by the group. Photo/Screenshot.

Members of the activist network Anonymous have added the websites of Icelandic restaurants who serve whale meat to their list of targets. The group has been targeting Icelandic websites for DoS (Denial of Service) attacks since Mid-November as part of their campaign #OpWhales. The group brought down the websites of Icelandic government ministries over the weekend as part of the same campaign.

Popular restaurants targeted
A document published on the website Ghostbin lists all webpages targeted by the attacks. According to the local newspaper Morgunblaðið the names and web pages of several Reykjavík restaurants who serve whale meat have been added to the list. The restaurants in question are Restaurant Reykjavík, Þrír Frakkar, Íslenski barinn, Sægreifinn, Grillmarkaðurinn, Tapasbarinn, and Fishmarkaðurinn.

On Friday the group brought down the websites of government ministries. The website of the Prime Ministry, the Ministry of the Interior, Foreign Ministry and the Ministry of Environment were all closed for 13 hours, due to the attacks, according to the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.

The goal of #OpWhales
In an announcement published on the website Ghostbin the goal of #OpWhales is explained:

In short, Iceland continues to break International whaling laws and is driving some whale species to extinction. Less than 10% of Icelanders regularly consume whale meat. Most of it is now is shipped to Japan, some of it is used as feed for animals, even oil. Gone are the days when Iceland killed whales for a source of food. It’s about money now.

The truth is they could easily find alternative sources of income by investing in whale watching tourism without ruthlessly driving whales to extinction.

The goal, according to the announcement, is primarily to educate people on what’s going on and bring about change. The announcement explains that Icelanders themselves are not the targets of the attacks, which are aimed at those the activist group believes responsible for continued whaling: “#OpWhales did NOT and will NOT directly target the good people of Iceland. We took down 5 Gov websites and HB Grandi, an Icelandic whaling company.”

Earlier this month Anonymous attacked several Icelandic websites, including the websites the Prime Ministry, local newspaper Morgunblaðið and

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