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Group of foreign travelers airlifted to hospital from Central Highlands: Drove off a snowbank

By Staff

  • The scene The people were driving a large 4x4 which was badly damaged in the accident. Photo/ICE-SAR

Three foreign travelers were airlifted to the National University Hospital after an accident on Kjalvegur road, a Central Highland trail. The people, who are only identified as foreign travelers, had driven a large 4x4 off a snowbank. The vehicle was badly damaged in the accident. 

Accident on Kjalvegur

At the scene The people were driving off-road on the snow when the accident took place, Photo/ICE-SAR

The accident took place shortly after noon on Sunday near the mountain Strýtur south of the geothermal area and highland oasis Hveravellir. Members of three different ICE-SAR companies were participating in readiness exercises close to the location of the accident and could respond immediately, arriving at the scene only a short time after the travelers had called for assistance.

The people had driven their car over a snowbank, causing the vehicle to plunge front first more than a dozen feet. The precise cause of the accident, the nationality of the travelers and the nature of their injuries have not been made public.

Three travelers had suffered non-critical injuries in the accident, but the members of the ICE-SAR teams who arrived at the scene determined it was best to have the people airlifted to the hospital, rather than transport them by land across the rough and snow-covered terrain of the Central Highlands. One of the helicopters of the Icelandic Coast Guard were sent to the scene to airlift the people to the National University Hospital in Reykjavík where their injuries are being attended to.

The exact location of the accident has not been reported, but it took place south of Hveravellir, near mount Strýtur.

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