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Great new website helps you get to know the plants and flowers you might find in Iceland

By Staff

  • The flowers of Iceland The website already has information about some of the most common flowers and plants you will find in ICeland. More are to come, we have been assured. Photo/Flora of Iceland.

One of the defining characteristics of Iceland is it's unique flora: All the small dainty and delecate flowers and plants which not only manage to survive, but actually thrive in the harsh sub-arctic climate, with it's short summers and long unforgiving winters. A new website Flora of Iceland is a great resource for anyone who wants help in identifying and learning more about some of these, including arctic thume, the forget-me-nots, red sorrels and cotton grass.

The website, which was launched only a few weeks ago, is still under construction, adding four new plants and flowers each week, but the results are promising!

The website is operated by a local photographer and artist, Snorri Þór Tryggvason, who craeted this beautiful video during one of his plant collection expeditions.

Flora of Iceland from Iceland Aurora Films on Vimeo.


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