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Great days ahead for northern lights sightings — but get out your thick jacket and thermal underwear

By Staff

  • There it blows Geyser Strokkur in South Iceland blows during a recent magnificent northern lights night. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

The weekend ahead looks very promising for northern lights sightings on the southwest corner of Iceland. According to the Icelandic Met Office (IMO) the skies will be clear or partly clear until Sunday. The outlook for tonight (Thursday) is also very good. 


Promising The cloud cover on Friday at midnight. Looking very good indeed for the capital area and Reykjanes peninsula. Image by IMO

According to IMO’s excellent Aurora forecast service we can expect a grade 3 activity (scale 1-9) on Thursday and Saturday night and a grade 2 activity on Saturday night.

Don’t let the low activity number discourage you, as IMO explains that grade 2 (low activity) can be beautiful and grade 3 (moderate) can be dazzling.

IMO builds its forecast on combined information on aurora activity, cloud cover, sunlight and moonlight.

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We recommend getting out your thick jacket and thermal underwear if you are heading into the night hunting for the northern lights. Clear or partly clear skies and cold weather go hand in hand. According to IMO the mercury will stay well below zero degrees Celsius (32 F) at least until Sunday. See IMO's forecast.

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