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Graphic prints and clean cuts from Ziska

By Sara McMahon

The fashion brans Ziska presented a collection which consisted of graphic prints, clean cuts and cropped tops.

The show began with powerful video-art with Icelandic horses galloping wildly and female riders who seemed to be off to war. Desginer Harpa Einarsdóttir explained her collection was heavily inspired by Mongolian eagle hunters and the magnificent Icelandic landscape. The silhouette consisted of black and white with a dash of turquoise and purple. 

Flowy, black west from Ziska. Photo/Birta Rán
Cropped top and baggy, leather pants. Photo/Birta Rán

Lovely prints inspired by Icelandic landscapes. Photo/Birta Rán

White as snow. Photo/Birta Rán


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