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The Google game Ingress has players fighting over control of the Golden Circle

By Staff

  • Gullfoss waterfall and the Golden Circle are among the locations being fought over in Ingress. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Ingress, a multiplayer game created by Google and Niantic labs, has reached the shores of Iceland and is becoming increasingly popular. The game sees two teams, the Enlightened and the Resistance, fighting to control locations all over the world. When a player is near a location, he can take it over and then link it together with the rest of his side’s territory.

“Most of the locations are places of interest or well-known landmarks. When travelling, the game will bring you to fascinating places – it becomes like a road trip,” an Icelandic member of the Resistance explained to Ví The Golden Cricle and the Snæfellsnes peninsula are among the locations being fought over in Iceland. 

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