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Getting inked in Iceland, the best tattoo shops in Reykjavík

By Staff

  • Ólafía at Reykjavík Ink One of Iceland's best tattoo artists. Photo/Jerel Lai

The days when tattoos belonged to the culture of outsiders, rock ‘n’ rollers, and hard men of the world are long gone. Inked skin is now as mainstream as pierced ears. However, each tattoo still represents a personal rite of passage, a step into adulthood, a memory or tribute to a person, a victory won, or even a journey undertaken. 

If you want a permanent reminder of your trip to Iceland inked onto your skin, here we present three of the finest tattoo parlours of the country. 

We got musician Smutty Smiff, who himself has gone numerous times under the needle, to speek to the artists. The photos are by Jerel Lai.

We would steer them towards the runes and magic signs
Artist: Búri from the Icelandic Tattoo Corporation (Íslenska húðflúrstofan)
Address: Hverfisgata 39, 101 Reykjavík,

My favourite style is black and grey realistic freestyle
Artist: Ólafía at Reykjavík Ink
Address: Frakkastígur 7, 101 Reykjavík,

The imagery of the black raven has ties to old Viking myths and stories
Artist: Svanur at Tattoo & Skart
Hverfisgata 108, 101 Reykjavík,

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