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Get ready for Christmas

By Sara McMahon

  • Final touch  Slippbarinn restaurant is among the many restaurants and hotels that offer a Christmas buffet and special menus. Photo/Pjetur Sigurðsson

The annual Christmas buffets, known as “jólahlaðborð” in Icelandic, are a huge part of the Icelandic Christmas celebrations. Come November, many restaurants and hotels will offer Christmas buffets that include seasonal dishes to spread the Yuletide cheer.

Jómfrúin restaurant is known for its Scandinavian-style Christmas platter, which includes open sandwiches topped with delicious paté, meatballs, smoked ham, and the ever-popular and oh-so-Scandinavian pickled herring. The food is frequently accompanied by a shot of snaps or specially brewed Christmas beer. 

Wherever you choose to dine, make sure you book well in advance. Icelanders do love their “jólahlaðborð,” and restaurants become fully booked early. Gleðileg jól!

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