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German adventurer kayaks down a frozen Goðafoss waterfall in winter

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  • Extreme kayaking Most visitors are content with experiencing the power and beauty of Goðafoss waterfall from the nearby riverbanks and canyon walls. Some want to be totally immersed in the raw power. Photo/Vilhjálmur Grímsson

This story has been corrected

Earlier this week a German adventurer, Matze Brustmann kayaked down the frozen Goðafoss waterfall in Skjálfandi river in North Iceland. According to locals this is most likely the first time anyone kayaks down the waterfall during winter. Brustmann has previously kayaked down all the major waterfalls in the river Skjálfandi.

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Goðafoss, Kayaker

The Eastern fork of Goðafoss waterfall Goðafoss waterfall is one of the most popular and beautiful waterfalls in Iceland. Photo/Vilhjálmur Grímsson

The photographs were taken by a local man, Vilhjálmur Grímsson, who provided them to the local news sites and Vilhjálmur told, that Brustmann was accompanied by a team of photographers and filmmakers who were documenting the event.

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Goðafoss is made up of two main forks, an eastern fork, which is roughly 9 m high (30 ft.) and a significantly higher western fork, where the water falls as much as 17 m (56 ft.). Brustmann descended the eastern fork.

Goðafoss, Kayaker

A frozen waterfall Like all of the greatest rivers in Iceland Skjálfandafljót river is a glacial river, carrying melt water from Vatnajökull glacier. During the winter the river therefore shrinks considerably. Photo/Vilhjálmur Grímsson

In 2010 Brustmann kayaked down Aldeyjarfoss, which is located upstream from Goðafoss. That was the second time anyone had kayaked down the waterfall. A kayaker first descended Aldeyjarfoss in 1995.

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Goðafoss, Kayaker
Coming ashore Goðafoss was first descended by kayakers in 1989. Photo/Vilhjálmur Grímsson


Update: 3. 22. 2016

An original version of this story claimed Brustmann was the first man to descend Goðafoss waterfall in the winter. This is not the case, as at least one other kayaker has descended the waterfall durng the winter months before Brustmann. Chris Doyle-Kelly descended the waterfall in mid-March 2015. 

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