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Gale and heavy snow in SE, E and NE Iceland: Hurricane force windgusts

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  • Öræfajökull glacier The foothills of the tallest peak in Iceland and the southernmost part of Vatnajökull are known for dangerously powerful winds. Photo/Gunnþóra

A Yellow Weather Alert has been issued for North East, East and South East Iceland. The warning is in effect until early tomorrow morning. The Icelandic Meteorological Office warns of difficult driving conditions due to gale and snowfall.

Several parts of the Ring Road in North and North East Iceland have also been closed down.

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Weather alert 24. jan 2018

Yellow Weather Alert The alert is in effect until 3 am on Thursday, Jan 25. Photo/IMO

Localized winds in South East Iceland, especially the area around Öræfajökull glacier, are expected to exceed 45 m/s (100 mph) in individual gusts. Winds of this strength can easliy cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles and even blow cars off the road.

ICE-SAR has also issued Travel Alerts for the South East:

Extreme winds (up to 45m/s, 162km/h, 100mph) expected from Seljalandsfoss to Höfn! Strongest from Skaftafell to Fjallsárlón and towards the east. SLOW DOWN! Campers and larger vehicles advised not to travel!

Although the worst weather can be expected in the South East people should take care on all mountain and heath roads, and drivers should expect dangerous localized winds along any steep mountain side. ICE-SAR has warned that wind gusts exceeding 35 m/s (80 mph) can be expected on parts of the Ring Road in West Iceland, especially on the stretch between Reykjavík and Hvalfjörður fjord.

Always check the weather and driving conditions

During the winter months travellers should always pay close attention to weather and travel alerts. See the website of the Icelandic Meteorological Office for the weather forecast and any weather alerts, and the website for travel alerts issued by ICE-SAR. Travellers heading out on the road should also check road conditions on the website of the Icelandic Road and Coastal AuthorityIRCA webcams can be useful when it comes to getting a feel for road conditions.

Remember that conditions on mountain roads or on heaths can be very different from conditions closer to the coast. 

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