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Former mayor of Reykjavík jumps into tourism boom: offers visitors private guided tours

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  • Hobnobbin with celebrities Jón Gnarr, dressed up as Obi-Wan Kenobi talking to Yoko Ono and Lady Gaga. Now you too can join the fun! Photo/Vilhelm

If you are looking for a guided tour which is both exclusive and different you need to look no further: The former mayor of Reykjavík, author, comedian and former punk rocker Jón Gnarr is offering private guided tours of Reykjavík and recent Icelandic history. Judging by the price the former punk rocker is not aiming at the mass-market. A 3-4 hour tour will set you back 690 USD. 

Former punker and mayor, current tour-guide
The tours, which are called "From Punk to Politics" promises an "exclusive and private tour of central Reykjavík with former mayor, Jón Gnarr". The schedule or content of the tours is very open, although the starting and end points are fixed.

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The tour starts at Höfði house, the site of the 1986 Summit between Ronald Reagan and Mikhail Gorbachev. "From there, most likely we'll be headed down to Hlemmur, formerly the central bus station of Reykjavik, where Jon used to hang with other "punk-rockers" exploring life as anarchists and other things that "punks" do."

From Hlemmur Jón promises to walk with the group to downtown in "freestyle mode": "The tour might likely end at the City Hall of Reykjavik, where Jon Gnarr was king of the castle as mayor of Reykjavik for four years."

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The tour includes the company of Jón Gnarr, as well as food and drinks at Hlemmur Food Hall. If people have any of Jón's books he is also happy to sign them. The tour is only available upon request, it lasts 3-4 hours and has a maximum of five participants per tour.

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