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Foreign travellers unhurt in rollover on gravel road leading to Central Highlands

By Staff

A group of foreign travellers escaped with only minor injuries when they suffered a rollover on Þjórsárdalsvegur road which runs along the west bank of Þjórsá river north to Sprengisandsleið road. 

Four people were travelling in the car when the driver lost control of the vehicle on a gravel road, causing the car to roll over and land on the side of the road. The accident took place at half past nine. All four people were taken to the hospital by ambulance, but according to the Police in South Iceland their injuries are not believed to be serious. 

Travellers are urged to remember to drive carefully on Icelandic roads. Gravel roads have loose gravel on their shoulders which can cause drivers to lose control, especially if they are driving at a high speed.

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