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Foreign travellers unharmed in rollover in N. Iceland, rental car totally destroyed

By Staff

  • Víðidalur valley The junction of the Ring Road and the road through Víðidalur valley in North Iceland Photo/Google Street view

A group of foreign travellers survived a serious road accident in Víðidalur valley in North Iceland yesterday evening. The accident took place at 8:30 yesterday evening on Víðidalsvegur road, a gravel road which connects to the Ring Road, circling Víðidalur valley, a rich agricultural area in the foothills of Víðidlalsfjall mountain.

The travellers lost control of their car in loose gravel, causing it to roll over and land on the side of the road. According to the Police department of Blönduós village, which patrols the Ring Road in N.W. Iceland, the travellers were caught by surprise when the paving of the road ended, the road turning into a gravel road.

None of the travellers was hurt, but the car was completely destroyed in the accident.

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