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Foreign travellers more pleased with Iceland: Polish visitors happiest

By Staff

  • Enjoying Reykjavík in the winter Visitors in October and November of last year were significantly happier than those visiting in October and November of 2016. Photo/Stefán Karlsson

Foreign travellers who visited Iceland in October and November were more pleased with their experience than any who have visited since September 2016, data from Gallup indicates. The Gallup Tourist Index for October (84.3) and November (84.1) was higher than at any point since September of last year when the index was 84.9.

The index dropped to its lowest point in December 2016, 80.6. The average for the first 11 months of 2017 was 83.2.

Icelanders betters hosts in the fall?
Gallup, in collaboration with Keflavík Airport and the Tourism Board polls foreign visitors at Keflavík Airport, asking them to evaluate their stay in Iceland. The survey consists of five questions: How pleased visitors are with the stay, how likely they are to recommend Iceland as a destination to others, how well the stay met their expectations, the hospitality of Icelanders and the value for money. 

Each of the five subcategories of the index were higher in October and November than in previous months. The category which increased most was hospitality. The hospitality index increased by 2.1 between September and November. On questions of value for money and likelyhood of recommending Iceland as a destination to others also showed a significant increase, both measures reaching their highest points since September 2016.

Danes and the Irish least impressed with Iceland
The poll also shows significant national differences, as visitors from English speaking countries seem more likely to have had a positive experience in Iceland than others. Poles and the Irish are notable exceptions.

Poles were most pleased with Iceland (88.4), followed by Americans (85.5), Australians (84.9), Canadians (84.6) and the British (84.1). The five nationalities who registered least favorable impression were the Irish (77.2), followed by Danes (79.5), Swedes (81.0), Spaniards (81.0) and the French (81.4).


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