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Foreign travellers causing accidents by parking their cars in the middle of the highway to take photos

By Staff

  • A beautiful moment, but not worth endangering lives Foreign motorists have caused accidents when they park their cars in the middle of the road to take photographs of anything from the landscape to horses or sheep. Photo/Sara McMahon.

More needs to be done to ensure the safety of foreign motorists on Icelandic roads, the head of the Icelandic Road and Coastal Administration argues. He argues it is common foreign travellers cause accidents by stopping their cars, without warning, in the middle of the road to take photographs.

Hreinn Haraldsson, the head of the Road and Coastal Administration told the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service RÚV that there is no simple solution to the problem, although more stopping spots along main roads can help solve the problem. “We can never completely bar people from stopping their cars when the idea pops into their head to take a photo, whether that is of a flock of sheep or horses or anything else which captures their attention.”

Hreinn argues the Road Administration is aware of a number of spots which have become particularly popular as stopping sites for photography, and setting up designated photo-stops at those spots could help solve part of the problem. “But in addition to these places people are stopping almost anywhere and we can never stop people from pulling over and parking on the shoulder. But unfortunately it is also far too common for people to stop their cars simply in the middle of the road.”

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