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Foreign traveller makes an unfortunate mistake when trying to eat vegan in Iceland

By Staff

  • Veganesti Does that stand form Vegan-esti or Vega-nesti? Decyphering Icelandic words can pose challenges. Photo/Instagram murmuremtl

The traditional Icelandic diet, which is heavy on fish, lamb and dairy products is not ideal for vegans, and until relatively recently it could be a challenge to find a vegan restaurants or menu options at restaurants. While the situation has improved dramatically in Reykjavík, vegan options are still few and far between along the ring road.

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This lack of vegan options can lead travellers into unexpected trouble. Back in 2015 an American traveller thought he had discovered the ideal solution: vegan cookies sold at gas stations along the ring road! He posted a picture of his last cookie on Instagram with the caption:

"Opening my last Icelandic vegan cookie. They were so handy on roadtrips over here. en plus c’est vegan asti"

The last words are French, and translate as "Plus, they are vegan". Which they are not. Veganesti means "road snack", and has nothing to do with veganism!

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The photo has since been deleted from Instagram, probably after someone pointed out the unfortunate misunderstanding. Which has not stopped screenshots of the unfortunate misunderstanding from making repeated the rounds on Icelandic social media! 

Vegan misunderstanding

Vegan misunderstanding Well, they might be handy, but they are not vegan! Photo/Instagram, murmuremtl


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