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Foreign hikers request emergency rescue due to heavy snow, rescuers can't find the snow

By Staff

  • Glerárdalur in a normal year This year, though, there isn't enough snow in the valley to allow the use of ski-doos. Photo/Völundur.

At nine last night Police in Akureyri received a distress call from two foreign hikers who had planned to hike in Glerárdalur valley, just outside of Akureyri, to the mountain hut Lambi. The hikers told Police that they had trouble finding the cabin, noting that there was heavy snow in the area which was making the hike extremely difficult.

Police decided to request assistance from Search and Rescue Units in Akureyri, who headed out to assist the two hikers. The Rescuers found the hikers at 12:30. The hikers were both in good condition.

According to the local newspaper Morgunblaðið the rescue units dispatched to assist the hikers who had gotten into trouble due to "heavy snow" in the area, ran into difficulties operating their ski-doos in Glerárdalur valley which slowed them down. The reason, Morgunblaðið explains, is that there is unusually little snow in the area for this time of year.

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