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Foreign citizens and companies own 1,940 thoroughbred horses in Iceland

By Staff

  • Popular The Icelandic horse is popular both in Iceland and internationally. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson 

According to information from database WorldFengur, 813 foreign citizens or private companies own 1,940 horses in Iceland.

Lárus Ástmar Hannesson, the director of Landssamband hestamannafélaga (the Icelandic Horse Association), says the foreign owned horses are mostly promising colts and fillies, good mares and expensive stallions.

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“This is a windfall for Icelandic horse breeders who receive a regular income from training and keeping the animals,” he told Vísir.

Icelandic breeders have exported horses for around 900 million ISK (6,097,974 Euros/ 6,617,160 US Dollars) annually over the past couple of years. 

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