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Foreign airlines now responsible for more than a quarter of all departures at Keflavík airport

By Staff

  • Icelandair and WOW The two Icelandic airlines still dominate traffic at Keflavík airport, but their share continues to slip. Photo/Vísir.

Only a few years ago almost all flights at Keflavík airport were by Icelandic airlines, but with growing tourism the share of foreign airlines at the airport has grown. Analysis by the local news site Turisti shows that the share of foreign airlines is now up to 26.1%. 

Both Icelandair and WOW air increased the number of flights they offered in November, WOW air by a whopping 40% compared to November 2016. Despite this their combined share at the airport has dropped to 71.8%. Icelandair made 44% of all departures from the airport, while WOW made 27.8%. Other small Icelandic airlines are responsible for 2.1% of the traffic at Keflavík airport.

The share of WOW air grew by 2.5% year-over-year, from 25.3% in November 2016 to 27.8% this year, while the share of Icelandair dropped from 50.8% to 44%. In November 2014 Icelandair was responsible for 67.8% of all flights, and WOW 13%.

The largest non-Icelandic airline at Keflavík continues to be easyJet with a 9.9% share of departures.

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