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Flying American Airlines to Iceland significantly more expensive than WOW or Icelandair

By Staff

  • A new untapped market? American Airlines believes there is a market for more expensive flights between the US and Iceland. Photo/American Airlines

It seems American Airlines believes there is an untapped market for high-end flights between Dallas, Texas, and Keflavík, Iceland. The US airline recently announced it would commence direct flights to Iceland on June 8 2018. American Airlines is the last of the American legacy carriers to announce direct flights between the US and Iceland, and the third airline to offer flights between Dallas and Keflavík.

Both Icelandic airlines, Icelandair and WOW air offer flights between Dallas and Keflavík. Icelandair flying 4 times each week, while WOW makes 3 weekly flights between the two airports. American Airlines will be flying daily, bringing the total number of weekly flights to 14.

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But while the added competition will offer travellers more choice, it will not bring down prices. A comparison of the cheapest flights offered by the three airlines by the local news site reveals that American Airlines will charge as much as three times more for its flights than the Icelandic airlines.

The cheapest seat on the first American Airlines flight, on June 8, is just shy of 1,300 USD, while Icelandair offers flights for just 700 USD and WOW air at 780 USD, baggage included. The price differences are even more pronounced in July and August. finds that the cheapest tickets offered by American Airlines on August 13-18 are 1380 USD, while Icelandair offers flights for 655 USD and WOW for 492 USD. The difference between the cheapest American Airlines flights and WOW air is nearly threefold.

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Like other budget airlines the Icelandic airlines charge separately for luggage, but even when baggage is included the price difference is more than double. Of course American Airlines offers different amenities onboard its flights, as Icelandair and WOW have both marketed themselves as budget airlines, but it is clear that American believes there is an untapped market for more expensive upscale flights between Iceland and the US.

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