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Five travellers airlifted to hospital after rollover accident in Central Highlands

By Staff

  • Langjökull glacier The accident took place north of Hlöðufell mountain, south of Langjökull glacier. Photo/Vísir.

Five foreign travellers were airlifted by the Coast Guard from the Central Highlands on Friday evening. The people had been driving a 4x4, but had lost control of the vehicle which rolled over crashed. The accident took place on a gravel trail north of Hlöðufell mountain, which is located just south of Langjökull glacier.

According to an announcement by the Police in South Iceland all five people were injured in the accident. The injuries of four of the people were neither serious nor critical, but the fifth traveller complained of pains in his head, suggesting a possible head injury. A decision was therefore made to have the people airlifted immediately to the National University Hospital in Reykjavík.


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