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Five new kittens join the cast of reality-TV show Kattarshians, as previous stars find new homes

By Staff

  • All five new kittens bundled up The new Kattarshians are still just a few weeks old, and increadibly adorable. Photo/Screenshot.

In early February a Reykjavík cat shelter Kattholt teamed up with the local news site Nútíminn to produce a revolutionary new slow- or reality TV show the "Kattarshians": A webcast from a dollhouse inhabited by four adorable kittens. The goal of the webcast, which was also streamed on a local cable channel, was to raise awareness of stray cats and to encourage people to adopt homeless animals.

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The show was a roaring success and the four Kattarshians quickly became celebrities on local social media. Their Facebook page has 12,000 followers.

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Of course the shelter was swamped with requests from people who wanted to adopt the famous little furballs. On Monday the last two of the four original Kattarshians moved in with their new adoptive families, Nútíminn reports

And with the original Kattarshians out of the house, new kittens have moved in! In a post to the Kattarshians facebook page Nútíminn Introduced the five new kittens:

"Shortly before Christmas last year, a lovely one-year-old feline was found wandering the streets of Reykjavík. The cat, a female, was brought to Kattholt, a shelter for lost, abandoned or homeless cats, where she received tender, loving care and a roof over her head. At her arrival, Kattholt’s staff discovered that she was pregnant and would soon be giving birth to five kittens."

Katla, Hekla, Vigdís, Bubbi and Þór
Their names are: Hekla and Katla, two black females named after two of Iceland's best known volcanoes, Vigdís, a gray-white-brown tabby female, named after Iceland's President Vigdís Finnbogadóttir (1980-996), the first democratically elected head of state, Bubbi, a black and white male, named after one of Iceland's best known pop-stars, Bubbi Morthens and finally Þór an orange tabby named after the god of thunder. 

All five kittens and their mom are looking for a new home
The five kittens stayed with their mother for the first weeks of their lives, but soon she started pushing them away, towards indpenedence. They were then picked as perfect stars for "the cutest reality television show in the world: Keeping Up With the Kattarshians." They will now live in the Kattarshians cat-house until they have all been placed with adoptive families.  Their mother will also stay with the Kattholt shelter until she finds her new home.

You can watch the super-adorable adventures of the little rascals in the three live-streamed cat-house cameras:

Second floor of the Kattarshians mansion:

Two floor view:

"Outside" play area


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