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Five foods you absolutely MUST try in Iceland

By Staff

  • Ice cream is a food, right? We at Iceland Magazine agree, Icelandic soft-serve ice cream with a chocolate dip is one of the greatest culinary achievements of history! Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

A popular American videoblogger Jeanni, who lives in Iceland, where she operates the youtube videoblog Life With a View, (2,500 subscribers) has all kinds of fun and amusing advice for anyone planning to visit Iceland.

In her latest installment Jeanni lists five foods everyone must try in Iceland. In addition to fish and lamb she tells everyone to try skyr and Breenivín are of course included on the list, as well as fermented shark and the famous Icelandic hot dog. 

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But she also includes icecream, especially the soft-serve ice cream with a dip. Apparently icecream in Iceland is the best in the world!

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