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First winter snow of the season in Reykjavík: Should stay one week, despite fickle weather

By Staff

  • Enjoy it while it lasts Reykjavík was turned into a winter wonderland. But this is Iceland, so the weather won't remain like this for long. It'll get wet and gray again before the snow returns. Photo/Anton.

The first snow of the winter started falling last night, covering the city in white. A snowstorm in North and North West Iceland has left a 30 cm (1 ft) thick snow cover, and according to the Icelandic Meteorological Office we can expect more. However, due to the coastal climate and notoriously fickle weather in Iceland, and especially in the southwest, snow usually does not last very long in Reykjavík before it is melted by warmer temperatures and rain. 

But according to meteorologists at the IMO we can expect the snow to last at least until Sunday, and most likely for the remainder of the week. We can expect some more snowfall in the next couple of days, but by Sunday evening the temperature in South and South West Iceland is expected to rise. Sunday evening the IMO is expecting sleet and snow, but by early Monday morning the precipitation will have turned to rain.

According to a meteorologist at the IMO the rain will probably not manage to melt all the snow:

"We'll probably see much of it melt away Monday morning, but then we will see a return of snow showers and perhaps some sleet the rest of the week, at least until Thursday. So, the snow should return even if most of it were to melt on Monday morning. It'll get wet, and gray again, but we should get the snow back next week."

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