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First ever Iceland Magazine Happy Hour this Sunday

By Staff

  • Gets you into the holiday spirit One of the masterminds behind the new hand-crafted small-batch Icelandic akvavit, Söl, will come and introduce guests to the best new spirits Iceland has to offer. Photo/Hálogi Distillery.

To celebrate a great year and a growing readership and meet, you, the readers, we at Iceland Magazine wanted to invite all of our readers to a special Christmas Happy Hour at Kaldi Bar in downtown Reykjavík this coming Sunday! To get us into the Holiday spirit we asked our friends at Hálogi Distillery to come and tell us about their great new akvavit, Söl and Hvönn, two of the best new Icelandic spirits to hit the market and offer guests free samples. Kaldi Bar has the best happy hour specials in Reykjavík, including the best Christmas beer, Jóla-Kaldi. And of course: your editors will be there!  


The venue Kaldi Bar: A great micro-brew bar Photo/George Leite

Söl and Hvönn are interesting new takes on the traditional Icelandic Brennivín, which is the perfect snaps to enjoy during the Holidays. Made by the small family run distillery Hálogi, both Söl and Hvönn are high-quality, hand-crafted Icelandic Brennivín. Söl is infused and distilled with seaweed, hand-picked at low tide & dill, grown in greenhouses in South Iceland. Hvönn in turn is spiced with caraway seeds and infused and distilled with angelica and blueberries which have been hand picked in the wild. 

Kaldi Bar, the venue, is considered by many the best bar in Reykjavík. Rated the top bar in Reykjavík on Trip Advisor, Kaldi is a must stop for all beer-lovers: It has a great selection of top quality craft beers, specializing in the beers of the family-run micro brewery of Kaldi in the tiny fishing vilalge Árskógssandur í North Iceland. Their Christmas beer, Jóla Kaldi, has been picked as one of the best Christmas beers this year.

Come and get into the Holiday spirit, meet with your editors, chat about Iceland and taste the best Brennivín on the market!

The fun starts at 17:00 and continues till 19:00!


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