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First cruise ship of the season arrives later this week

By Staff

  • Grótta lighthouse Cruise ships are expected to bring 147,000 visitors to Reykjavík this summer. Photo/Vilhelm

The tourism season will officially begin on Friday when the first cruise ship of 2018 arrives in Reykjavík. The ship, MS Magellan, which is on a cruise of the Northern Atlantic, will dock in Sundahöfn harbour on Friday March 9. The 1,400 passengers onboard the ship will then take tours and do some sightseeing in Iceland before the ship sails off the next day.

The cruise ship season will then begin in earnest in May when the ship Celebrity Eclipse arrives with 3,000 passengers. 

The Reykjavík harbour authority is expecting 168 cruise ships this year, bringing a total of 147,000 passengers. This is a significant increase over last year when 135 ships arrived, bringing 128,000 passengers. The total population of the city of Reykjavík is some 125,000 people. 

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