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Fatal road accidents among foreign travellers are on the decline, dropped by 80% in six years

By Staff

  • Driving in Iceland Difficult weather-conditions, narrow gravel roads and no shoulders, even on the ring road, can make driving in Iceland hazardous. Photo/GVA

According to an analysis by Landsbjörg, the Federation of Icelandic Search and Rescue teams, fatal car accidents among foreign travellers are on the decline. The primary reasons are better roads and a campaign to educate travellers on how to drive in Iceland.

Jónas Guðmundsson, at Landsbjörg points out that the frequency of fatal car accidents among foreign travellers has not kept pace with the dramatic growth of tourism. In 1998-2006 there were on average three to five fatal accidents for every 100,000 foreign travellers. This figure has plummeted in recent years. “We are seeing strong indications that fatal accidents have dropped by as much as 80% in the last years, especially the last six years,” Jónas tells the Icelandic National Broadcasting Service.

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Jónas adds that it is still too early to tell if this development is permanent, as there have been unusually many accidents this year. However, he is optimistic. “In 2006 we launched a formal campaign to educate foreign travellers and we have been expanding this work in the last years. Of course we must continue all these projects, and even do more.”

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