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Farmer in S. Iceland fed up with disrespectful travellers treating his lawn as a public lavatory

By Staff

  • Nobody wants people doing this on their lawn This was not the first time Þorkell Daníel has witnessed foreign travellers and hikers answering the call of nature on his property. Photo/Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson

Yesterday afternoon a farmer in Blönduhlíð region in South Iceland was treated to a rather unpleasant view when he looked out his window. There, by his mailbox on the lawn in front of his farm, was a foreign traveller who had decided to do his business on the side of a utility pole.

Not the first time
This was not the first time the farmer, Þorkell Daníel Euriksson, has witnessed this sort of behaviour. This time he decided to document the incidence, photographing the traveller as he confronted him. He then posted the photos to Facebook in the hope that they would spark a conversation about how to combat this kind of behaviour and to warn others to keep an eye on the mailbox defecator:

"I have had it with tourists who do their business where ever they please here around the farm. And it only seems to get worse. This "shithead" decided to defecate just by the house," Þorkell wrote on Facebook, adding that this time he had the camera at hand to document the incidence. Þorkell told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið that the school bus brought his kids home just minutes after the visiting gentleman had finished his private business.

Traveller thought his behaviour was fine: "SO?"
For some reason the traveller seemed to think his behaviour was perfectly fine: 

Defecating traveller
Defecating traveller Look out for this gentleman. He is not properly toilet-trained. Photo/Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson

"Then this bastard comes skiing up to the house, looking really pleased with himself, and looks like he is going to continue on his skis up the hill. So I growl at him that this isn't a public parking lot, and certainly not a public lavatory and he answers "SO?". I then point out to him that his behaviour was disgusting and that nobody wants to have strangers shitting around their house, and then this idiot just starts grinning. Which does not improve my mood. 

I then tell him to clean up after himself and get the hell away, and that he was not welcome on my property. He began complaining and tried to argue with me, but I had had enough of this. By this time I was fuming and I told the mother f-er to get the hell off my property, before going back into the house, slamming the door behind me."

By this time the man seems to have finally realized that he wasn't welcome, turning around, packing his skis back into the car and driving off. 

Should visitors be required to prove they are toilet-trained?
However, he did not drive far, as he parked his rental car again a short distance from the farm, put the skis back on and headed into the hills. The hills where the skier was heading to enjoy the beauty of the outdoors are owned by Þorkell.

Þorkell said on Facebook that he wanted to make sure that people knew who this man was, so that hotel or restaurant operators could keep an eye on him: "I would recommend people keep a close eye on this guy, to ensure he does not poop on the floor. These kinds of tourists are a pest, and I recommend that we impose some kinds of rules which require that all visitors to Iceland are at least toilet-trained..."

We at Iceland Magazine agree. We know of no place in the world where this kind of behaviour would be condoned, and we seriously doubt the gentleman in the photos would be happy with strangers treating his home in the way he treated the home of Þorkell. 

Defecating traveller

The view from the living room window Fed up with this kind of stuff happening a local farmer decided to document the incidence. Photo/Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson


Defecating traveller
Not a care in the world The man seemed to think his behaviour was perfectly normal. Photo/Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson


Defecating traveller
No manners but knows how to ski? The gentleman hen proceeded to strap on his skis. Photo/Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson


Defecating traveller
Trespassing When confronted on his behaviour the man just smirked and argued. His answer: "SO?" Photo/Þorkell Daníel Eiríksson


Defecating traveller

Enjoying the great outdoors After he was confronted the man drove a few hundred meters away from Þorkell's farm, strapped his skis back on and proceeded with trespassing. Photo/Daníel Eiríksson




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