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Fantastic old villa for sale in down-town Reykjavík

By Staff

  • Dream home? This 87 million krónur villa located in the old part of Reykjavík’s city is currently on the market. Photo/Miklaborg

This 87 million krónur (578,073 euro/ 658,094 US dollar) villa located in the old part of Reykjavík’s city centre features three spacious bedrooms, two living rooms and two bathrooms. The house sits on the corner of Bergstaðastræti and Baldursgata and is newly refurbished.

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Built in 1919, the house is 184 square metres (1980 sq ft) in size and has a private parking space, a rare commodity in the Þingholt area, and a garden complete with a large southward facing veranda. 


Þingholt, fasteign

The villa is newly furbished and has a bright and spacious kitchen area. 

Þingholt, fasteign

Fantastic use of the space below stairs. 

Þingholt, fasteign

The living room.

Þingholt, fasteign

The veranda faces south, ideal for lunch on a sunny day.


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