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Family music festival in the Westfjords

By Staff

  • Grísalappalísa Kids attending Pönk á Patró music festival can join a workshop with the band. Photo: screenshot from the official music video for the song ABC.

The Pönk á Patró festival or Punk in Patró is tomorrow (Saturday 9) in the town of Patreksfjörður in the Westfjords. Dont' let the name scare you. This is a great music festival that caters to the entire family. The style of music is not punk at all but all kinds of styles. The kids can join a worskhop with the musicians, band Grísalappalísa and Dj. flugvél & geimskip, before a special afternoon concert for the youngsters. 

There is a second show in the evening for the entire famlly, also with Grísalappalísa and Dj. flugvél & geimskip.


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