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Exporting geothermal energy: Icelandic farmers to export greenhouse grown vegetables

By Staff

  • Geothermally grown tomatoes Local greenhouses currently supply 90% of all cucumbers and 70% of all tomatoes consumed in Iceland. Photo/GVA

Soon consumers in Denmark and Germany will be able to buy cucumbers, tomatoes and other vegetables grown with geothermal power in Iceland. Icelandic farmers are currently preparing a major export push for their produce. Barring any unexpected upsets Icelandic produce will be available in Danish supermarkets sometime next year.

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The manager of Sölufélag Garðyrkjumanna, a marketing company owned by vegetable farmers, told the local newspaper Morgunblaðið that Danish consumers are very interested in vegetables grown in geothermally heated greenhouses in Iceland. Danish importers are especially interested in Icelandic tomatoes and cucumbers. Icelandic farmers are also looking into opportunities to export to Germany.

Producers' and consumers' cooperatives
The Icelandic vegetables would be sold in the IRMA supermarkets, which are owned by the cooperative Coop giant. The Danish Coop group controls 40% of the total groceries market. Sölufélag Garðyrkjumanna was founded as a farmers cooperative, and continues to operate in the cooperative spirit, as it is fully owned by the farmers whose products it sells.

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