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Experience all the old fashioned Icelandic Christmas traditions at Árbæjarsafn Museum

By Staff

  • A traditional Yule lad The best place to get to know the Yule lads and Icelandic Christmas traditions is Árbær open air museum. Photo/Árbæjarsafn

If you want to experience a real traditional Icelandic Christmas you should visit Árbær Open Air Museum during the Advent. The museum will be offering events for the whole family allowing people of all ages to experience and see how Icelanders have celebrated the holidays through the centuries. 

There'll be traditional activities such as popular songs and dancing around the Christmas tree, people will be offered the opportunity of making traditional leaf bread, spin yarn or make traditional Christmas decorations. The mischievous Yule Lads will join in, engaging in their regular business like peeping through windows, slamming doors, licking spoons, snatching sausages and other Christmas foods.

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Árbæjarsafn Christmas celebration
At Árbæjarsafn The Yule lads teach kids and adults about traditional Christmas traditions. Photo/Árbæjarsafn

Each building in the open air museum will have its own different activities. At Árbær farm guests can make traditional Icelandic Leaf Bread, while up in the Baðstofa (the loft) they'll be able to spin yarn and try their hand at knitting. At the Granary the whole family can practice making traditional Icelandic Christmas decorations while visitors to the stable can make candles.

Visit Hábær farm and you will be offered to taste of traditional Icelandic smoked leg of lamb (hangikjöt), and at Eftstibær farm the bravest visitors can join a fermented skate party - just to name a few of the activities on offer. 


Sunday 3rd, 10th and 17th December, from 13:00 -17:00

14:00 Service at the Church
15:00 Singing and dancing around the Christmas tree
14:00-16:00 Entertainment with the Christmas Lads

Admission is free for children 17 and under, senior citizens and the disabled. Adults pay 1,600 ISK

Free admission with the Culture Pass and the City Card.

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