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Ever dreamed of a second home in a fishing village in the Westfjords? Now's your chance!

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  • An old wooden home The house was built in 1902 from timber imported from Norway. Photo/Vestfjarðir Realtors

Icelanders agree that the Westfjords are the most beautiful part of Iceland (this, at least, according to an informal and unscientific study by the local news site Vísir.) The beauty of the narrow deep fjords, home to whales, surrounded by steep cliffs and mountains which are home to falcons and sea eagles, make the region a true paradise for nature lovers.

The remoteness of the Westfjords also means that while other parts of Iceland have been experiencing a rapid increase in the number of tourist the Westfjords are still a region where you can expect to drive for hours without running into tourists or travellers.

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Which makes the Westfjords the ideal retreat for anyone who wants to enjoy all the best Iceland has to offer. 

A charming house in Hnífsdalur
Anyone dreaming of moving to the Westfjords should seriously consider this amazing opportunity. An old and charming wooden house in the small fishing village Hnífsdalur is up for sale. The house itself is charming, and the price is a reasonable 10 million ISK (97,000 USD/82,000 EUR).

The house is built in 1902, a kit house from Norway, built at a time when the small fishing villages were springing up in fjords, close to the best fishing grounds of Iceland.

Recently renovated house with a soul


Hnífsdalur A small fishing village in the Westfjords. Photo/

The entrance to the two story house is on the raised first floor. The first floor has a hall, a living room, a spacious bedroom and a second bedroom, kitchen and a small toilet. The living room and the master bedroom have wooden floorboards and wooden paneling on the walls giving the house a warm cozy feeling.

The kitchen also has wooden floorboards, and is still very close to its original, but with original 1950s vintage cabinetry. The second bedroom has vinyl flooring, and a combination of wooden paneling and vintage wallpaper covering the walls.

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The view from the living room and second bedroom is a stunning vista of Ísafjarðardjúp fjord and the mountains of Hornstrandir nature preserve. 

The ground floor has a bathroom with bathtub and shower, a laundry room, two storage rooms and recently refurbished bedroom with wooden floors and wooden paneled walls. The ground floor has a back door exit to a porch and yard with a small woodshed.

The house has undergone significant renovation, including new roofing and corrugated iron siding. although the electrical wiring is old and might need updating. The same goes for the central heating and water pipes. The house is heated by electricity, but is also equipped with a wood burning stove. 

If you are interested in making a bid, check out the listing from Fasteignasala Vestfjarða

Hnífsdalur home for sale

View from the back Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


Hnífsdalur home for sale

View from the front door Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


Hnífsdalur home for sale

Living room Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


Hnífsdalur home for sale

Hallway on first floor Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


Hnífsdalur home for sale

One of the bedrooms Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


Hnífsdalur home for sale

Master bedroom Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


Hnífsdalur home for sale

Kitchen Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


Hnífsdalur home for sale
Ground floor bathroom Photo/fasteignasala vestfjarða


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