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Epic short film showing surfing under the northern lights and in a blinding blizzard

By Staff

  • Awesome beauty and power The winter storms and waves around Iceland can be captivatingly beautiful, but their power can be deadly as recen events have reminded us. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below.

American photographer and filmmaker Christ Burkard has released a new trailer from his latest film, made with filmmaker Ben Weiland, Under an Arctic Sky. The film was shot in Iceland in December 2015 in Iceland, and follows a team of surfers and adventurers as they surf the awesome waves of the Westfjords under the dancing Northern Lights.

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Burkard describes the experience on his Vimeo page, as being "far from the ideal surf trip". Only three hours of sunlight each day, brutal winter storms and freezing temperatures are of course not what surfers are usually looking for. (During the time the time Burkard and the team were shooting the video in December 2015 Iceland was hit by the worst winter storms of 2015, one of the worst winter storms in 25 years.)

But as the video below shows it makes for a truly amazing adventure!

Under An Arctic Sky - Official Trailer #1 from Chris Burkard on Vimeo.



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