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Enjoy family friendly concerts with local artist Prins Póló in Hafnarfjörður this weekend

By Staff

  • Prins Póló will perform twice in Hafnarfjörður this weekend. Photo/GVA

Artist Prins Póló will perform two concerts in Bæjarbíó in Hafnarfjörður; the first concert begins at 9pm tonight (Friday, October 3), while the second event is more family friendly and takes place tomorrow (Saturday, October 4) at 2 pm. Hafnarfjörður, also known as the Viking town, is only a fifteen minute-long drive from Reykjavík. 

Musician Dr. Gunni will perform as the supporting act during both concerts.

Tickets can be bought at

Miðasala er á


Prins Póló - París Norðursins, by skakkapopp


Friðrik Dór and Dr. Gunni


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