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Elves protest high voltage transmission lines

  • VISUAL POLLUTION Power lines in Vallarhverfi, Hafnarfjörður. Photo/GVA

The Icelandic elf population is fed up with human encroachment, local media outlet Vísir reports. The latest insult is a planned high voltage power transmission line south of Hafnarfjörðu, a municipality in the Capital Region. According to a comment, submitted by the elves and dwarfs of Hafnarfjörður to the zoning authorities, the power transmission lines which are planned in the southernmost suburb of Hafnarfjörður, should be laid underground and alongside roads, rather than above ground, which will have a significant adverse environmental impact.

The comment was submitted on behalf of the elves and dwarves, by their representatives, local residents Ragnhildur Jónsdóttir and Lárus Vilhjálmsson. They claim the dwarves and elves are tired of having to continuously give up their homes to make way for human activities.

Numerous comments were also received from the human population and environmental organizations, including 800 signatures of the inhabitants of Vallarhverfi who protest the planned transmission lines. Residents argue the high-voltage lines are too close to residential areas, and that they will destroy the picturesque views of the mountain ranges and lava fields of Reykjanes peninsula. Like the elves, the residents want the transmission lines laid underground.

Enough with the elf-bullshit
Not everyone is pleased with the elves getting involved. Gísli Ásgeirsson, local blogger and environmental activist, criticized how the protest was being covered by media, especially the attention given to elves, dwarves and huldufólk, the mythological “hidden people", of Icelandic folklore. In a blog post titled “The elf-bullshit in Hafnarfjörður” Gísli blasted how news of environmental protest was being “moronified” by “their self-appointed spokespeople” of angry dwarves, rather than covering the actual concerns of real people:

“If the residents of Hafnarfjörður want to be taken seriously, they should make every effort to avoid silly talk about elves, dwarves, huldufólk and other invisible creatures who live somewhere in the hills and gravel of Vellir. The 800 signatures of actual inhabitants should be enough.”

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