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Eat your fill of traditional skyr, learn everything about the ancient tradition at the Skyr Center

By Staff

  • Erpsstaðir family In addition to home made ice cream you can now get farm-fresh skyr at the Erpsstaðir dairy farm. Photo/Erpsstaðir

Skyr is probably the most important contribution Iceland has made to world culinary culture. The youghurt-like food (which is actually a very soft cheese) has recently taken the world by storm, becoming the latest "superfood". Not only is skyr tasty, it is also super healthy. 

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Now you can learn all you ever wanted to know about the preparation, history and cultural significance of skyr - as well as buying your traditional old-fashioned Icelandic skyr at the Icelandic Skyr Center at the Erpsstaðir creamery in West Iceland. A few years ago the Erpsstaðir dairy farm opened a store where travelers can stop and pick up farm fresh ice cream.

The Erpsstaðir ice cream has quickly become very popular among local ice-cream connoisseurs, and any trip to the Dalir region in West Iceland must now include an ice cream stop at Erpsstaðir.

An ancient tradition


Erpsstaðir Þorgrímur manning the counter in the store. photo/Erpsstaðir

Þorgrímur Einar Guðbjartsson, who runs Erpsstaðir farm with his wife Helga told the local newspaper Skessuhorn that the ice cream business has consumed most of the milk production of the farm. But as the Erpsstaðir ice cream is almost exclusively made with cream significant quantities of fat free skim milk and whey have been left over. Since skyr is made with whey and fat free skim milk it made sense to add skyr to the product line of Erpsstaðir.

Þorgrímur told Skessuhorn that he decided to produce "traditional old-fashioned skyr, like the skyr we ate back in the day." In addition to selling farm-fresh skyr Þorgrímur and Helga wanted to teach their customers about the old tradition of skyr-making, so they set up a small exhibition and museum dedicated to the food. 

Farm-fresh skyr and unique skyr chocolate

If you are headed for West Iceland you should definitely check out the Erpsstaðir Skyr Center. If you are not interested in museums and exhibits at least you will appreciate their farm-fresh skyr, which is not only super-tasty, but also pretty cheap. There's also skyr-chocolate - a treat you won't find anywhere else in the world! 

The Erpsstaðir shop is open every day 13:00-17:00 (1 pm-5 pm) over the summer, from June 1 until September 15. You can sign up for tours of the farm at the store. The farm even has a cottage you can rent.  

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