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The easiest money saving tip in Iceland: Don't buy bottled water!

By Staff

  • Overpriced and unnecessary The above picture, taken in a local convenience store was sent to us by a reader: You can pay 349 ISK for half a liter of Icelandic spring water or get the exact same water for free from the tap. Photo/Gunnar Reynir Valþórsson.

The easiest way to save money while travelling in Iceland is to skip the bottled water. Iceland has the purest tap-water you are likely to find anywhere in the world. It is perfectly safe, clean and best of all: it is in free!

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The picture above, taken in a Reykjavík convenience store, shows half liter (17 fl. oz) bottles of "Icelandic Spring Water", the exact same water as you get from the tap in the capital, for 349 ISK (3.1 USD/3 EUR). Stores at popular tourist destinations are selling even more expensive water. Visitors at places like the Blue Lagoon are paying up to 900 ISK (8 USD/7.8 EUR) for one liter (34 fl. oz) of water. We have even heard stories of 1,000 ISK water bottles.

We at Iceland Magazine would like to urge all travellers to boycott this industry and thus help stamp out one of the worst examples of price gouging in the Icelandic tourism industry. Instead of buying bottled water, carry a re-usable bottle which can be filled up at the tap! 

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