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Drunk local driver injured two foreign travelers in Borgarnes town in W. Iceland

By Staff

  • Borgarnes A small town in West Iceland. The Ring Road runs through Borgarnes. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Early Monday morning two foreign travelers were injured in Borgarnes town in West Iceland when they were hit by a drunk driver. The driver, a local man, lost control of his vehicle which crashed into a lamp post. He was arrested after he attempted to flee the scene of the accident on foot. The travelers sustained only minor injuries. The driver was unharmed, but his vehicle was destroyed in the crash.

Monday was a national holiday. The three day weekend is the largest travel weekend in Iceland. Locals take to campsites and cabins to relax and to visit the numerous festivals and concerts are held around the island. These festivities are frequently accompnained by alcohol consumption. The Police maintain tough checks on all major highways to stop drunk drivers. Monday's accident appears to be the only serious accident involving drunk driving during the weekend.

A spokesman for the Police in West Iceland told the National Broadcasting Service that Monday's that it was a miracle that accident wasn't worse, considering how many pedestrians were on the street when the driver lost control. One of the two travelers who were injured suffered some cuts, but both could continue their travel after receiving medical attention. The driver, a middle aged local man, was arrested at the scene, but allowed to return home to sleep off his intoxication. He returned to the station give a statement after having sobered up.

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