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Drunk local arrested after he attempted to hold a traveller's suitcase up for ransom

By Staff

  • BSÍ Bus Terminal The downtown bus terminal is the largest bus terminal in Iceland and is used as a hub by Reykjavík Excursions and the Fly Bus. Photo/Vísir

Late last night a foreign traveller was attacked by a drunk local at the downtown bus terminal BSÍ/Umferðarmiðstöðin. The local grabbed the traveller's suitcase, refusing to return it unless he was paid a ransom. When the traveller refused to pay up the man attacked him, grabbing him by the head and then throwing him to the floor.

When police officers arrived at the scene they discovered the man was behaving erratically and clearly under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Police reports that he did not seem to be fully aware of what he had done. He was arrested at the scene and taken into custody.

The foreign traveller didn't sustain any visible injuries, but reported that he felt pain in his head after the altercation.

Police arrests a second local drunk
Police was also called to a bar in downtown Reykjavík where a drunk local was accosting a group of foreign travellers. The man would not let the people alone, demanding they buy him drinks at the bar. 

The Icelandic National Broadcasting Service reports that this drunk was also arrested and taken to the station where he was forced to sleep off his intoxication.

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