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Downtown hotel, which warned guests not to drink tap water, sold its own bottled tap water

By Staff

  • Hotel AdaM urged guests to buy its bottled water A study has now confirmed this bottled water was actually bottled in the hotel, using the same tap water guests were urged not to drink.

A study by the Reykjavík Health Committee has confirmed that bottled water sold by a downtown hotel was bottled tap water. The hotel, which had warned its guests not to drink the tap water, but instead purchase bottled water from the hotel, did not have the required permits to bottle water. The hotel sold each bottle of its own tap water for 400 ISK (3 EUR/4 USD). 

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The Icelandic National Broadcasting service reports that as well as confirming the water had been bottled in the hotel, the study found that the water was perfectly safe. As well as having misled its customers by suggesting the tap water was unsafe, the hotel was therefore breaking the law, selling bottled water.

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News of the business practices of the hotel, Hotel AdaM caused an outrage earlier this year. Investigation by media outlets and the authorities revealed various other dubious business practices and illegalities. Police sealed part of the hotel as the proprietor only had a permit to operate nine of the twenty rooms in the hotel.

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