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Do as the locals and drink water straight from the tap

By Staff

  • Free from the tap Icelanders will drink it straight from the tap, or river. They do not buy bottled water unless it's carbonated. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

Icelanders vehemently maintain that the world’s best and freshest water is found in Iceland. Locals will drink it straight from the tap, rarely purchasing bottled water, except some sparkles have been added.

Very few Icelanders purchase still bottled water while foreign guests tend to splurge on it. That's a rookie mistake!

"“I was truly amazed to find that in Iceland you can drink water straight from a tap, in the luxury of your own home. It’s also amazing how hot water, rich in natural salts and minerals, can come straight from Mother Earth herself, completely undisturbed for millions of years,” said David Bombay when we asked him if anything about Iceland took him by by surprise when he moved to Iceland 

We recommend travellers to follow David's and other locals' lead and fill empty bottles with water fresh from the tap, free of charge, rather than spending hard earned money on store bought water.

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