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Desolate shores and mountains of the Westfjords the focus of first Justice League trailer

By Staff

  • Djúpavík village The opening scene of the new Justice League trailer takes place in the village of Djúpavík in the Strandir region on the north coast of the Westfjords. Photo/Screenshot from video, see below

The first trailer of the upcoming Justice League movie was released over the weekend, giving us the first glimpse of what role the landscape of the Westfjords will play in the movie. 

The trailer begins with Ben Affleck, playing Batman, mounting an Icelandic horse somewhere on a desolate Icelandic heath, riding to Djúpavík village where the film crew was based during the shooting last year. The entire village was completely taken over by the film crew for three weeks last October.

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In Djúpavík we meet Aquaman who is played by Jason Momoa, who is perhaps best known for his role as Khal Drogo. In addition to the star role played by Icelandic landscapes a number of Icelandic actors play small roles in the movie.

This is not the first time Iceland plays a small role in a Batman movie: Scenes in Chris Nolan's first Batman movie, Batman Begins, were also shot in Iceland.

And for all of the Momoa fans out there, here's a couple of photos of Jason Momoa from the set of the movie!



Love u guys Mahalo for all your hardwork

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What the hell is da Hawaiian doing in northern Iceland. Send me mana it's going to be a crazy fucking day :D :D :D ALOHA AC

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