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Dark humour of cartoonist Hugleikur: perfect distraction for a dark winter's day

By Staff

  • The Christmas Spirit The cartoons and humour of Hugleikur Dagsson is rather dark. Photo/Hugleikur Dagsson

The cartoons of Hugleikur Dagsson are currently making the rounds on the website Bored panda, where user Julija Néjé has posted a selection of 102 of his cartoons under the title "Icelandic Humor Is As Dark As Their Winters (NSFW)". Which is certainly true, at least when it comes to Hugleiukur who has never shied away from dark humour.

Although some of Hugleikur‘s works are political, he has mainly focused on poking fun of the shallowness and hypocrisy of people or the emptiness and futility of modern life and consumer society. His work frequently crosses lines, and ventures into the scatological or corporal, making much of his work unsuitable to children! His work certainly has the ability to offend and shock many. 

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The Bored Panda user Néjé describes Icelandic humour as "blacker than most", which is probably true. Icelandic jokes frequently involve some misfortune and often come at someone's expense. Sarcasm is another key feature of Icelandic jokes, something which is often lost in translation and can confuse foreign visitors. Both of these traits can be traced all the way back to the Sagas, which are full of sarcastic remarks and jokes making fun of heroes and Viking heroics.

Hugleikur Dagsson is one of the most popular cartoonists and comedians in Iceland. He has published some 20 books with his work, many of which have either been translated into English or include exclusively his English language works, he is a stand-up comedian, he has written plays and produced an animated television series. Many of his books are available in bookstores and some gift-stores around Iceland, but you can also order them from his website

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If you are interested in the work of Hugleikur, head over to his tumblr
Hugleikur Dagsson
"A Finnish Christmas Decoration" Hugleikur is popular in Finland, where dark humour is also quite popular. Hanging yourself during the holidays has been described as "A Finnish Christmas Decoration". Hugleikur Dagsson


Hugleikur Dagsson

More Christmas spirit Hugleikur Dagsson


Hugleikur Dagsson

The old tube TV is a central piece in many of Hugleikur's cartoons Hugleikur Dagsson


Hugleikur Dagsson
Hugleikur deals with both popular and high culture Hugleikur Dagsson


Hugleikur Dagsson
One of Hugleikur's cartoons taking on TV Hugleikur Dagsson


Hugleikur Dagsson

The Christmas Spirit Hugleikur Dagsson


Hugleikur Dagsson

One take on Icelandic History Hugleikur Dagsson


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