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Cuteness overload: A video of a litter of Arctic fox pups explore the world for the first time

By Staff

  • The cutest residents of Vík The Arctic fox is the only land mammal native to Iceland, having migrated here at the end of the last Ice Age. Photo/Þórir Kjartansson

A photographer in South Iceland caught a remarkable video of a litter of Arctic fox pups crawling out of their den with their mother. In addition to the vixen the fox family counts seven pups, all of whom seemed amazed by the new world they were discovering.

Pups sticking their noses out into fresh air for first time
"The foxes have been returning to this den every year for a long time," Þórir Kjartansson told the local news site Vísir. Þórir, who lives in the village Vík in South Iceland, said that he has visited the den for three years in a row at this time of year to capture the foxes as they exit the den in early summer. "I was lucky to catch them just as they were poking their noses out for the first time," he told Vísir.

Þórir says this is the same vixen who occupied this den last spring. The vixen who occupied the den last year was caught by hunters later in the summer.

Fox population of Vík village is growing
The population of Arctic foxes in the region around Vík has been growing in the past few years. When he was young foxes were never seen in the Mýrdalur region, but now adays there are a number of foxes living in the mountains around Vík. The size of the litter he caught on camera is also unusual. Arctic foxes in South Iceland rarely have more than seven pups. 

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