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Crime rate in Reykjavík drops, fewer thefts than at any time since 1999

By Staff

  • Keeping Reykjavík safe The crime rate in the capital dropped dramatically in February. Photo/vísir.

The Metropolitan Police recorded 562 crimes committed in February 2017, a 21% drop compared to previous months. The average in the past six months has been 711 crimes reported each month.

According to the crime statistics for Reykjavík, published by the Metropolitan Police all categories of crimes saw a drop in February. The only exception were assaults against Police Officers. Six such assaults took place in February, and four instances of threats against Police Offices.

All other categories of crimes saw either small or significant drops. The largest drop was recorded in sexual offences, with 54% fewer than in the previous 12 months. The number of sexual offences reported in February was only 8. The number of thefts fell as well, with 241 thefts reported in February, which is 24% below the 12 month average. The Metropolitan Police notes that this is the lowest number of thefts reported since 1999, when the current system of reporting was adopted.

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