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Couple transforms summer-home in Hrísey island into a small café and bakery

By Staff

  • Hrísey island Visit the homely café in Brynjólfshús, located in a couple's home. Photo/Visit Akureyri

Birgir Snorrason and Kristín Petra Guðmundsdóttir run a small café in their summer-home Brynjólfshú in Hrísey island in North Iceland. The island has a population of around 120 people and is connected to the mainland by ferry.

According to the National Broadcasting Service, there is only one restaurant on the island, Verbúð 66. The couple felt there was a great need for another place where visitors could sit down and enjoy a cup of coffee and some pastries.

Birgir, who is a baker by profession, and Kristín transformed one of the bedrooms into a small but productive bakery. “People just go into the kitchen and pick whatever it is that they want from our kitchen counter and then have a seat in the living room. It’s as homely as it can get,” Birgir explains.

Opening hours are between 1pm – 7pm daily. 


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