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Cost of renting a car at Keflavík airport has dropped by a third since last year

By Staff

  • Keflavík airport The best way to see Iceland is to rent a car and hit the road. Photo/Vilhelm Gunnarsson

The price of car rental at Keflavík airport has dropped by 31% since last year, data compiled by the local news site Túristi shows. The average price for car rentals at Keflavík airport is currently 6,200 ISK per day, compared to 9,000 ISK last year.

Prices at individual car rentals have dropped even more, Túristi reports. The price of a car at Hertz has dropped by 34% and at Avis by 45%. Prices have dropped despite the strengthening of the Icelandic króna, which could have been expected to raise prices. 

Car rentals at Keflavík are still significantly more expensive than at other major airports in Europe, but the difference has shrunk dramatically. Car rentals at Keflavík are now 19% more expensive than at Oslo, Norway, compared to 57% last year. 

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