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Companies urged to help protect 'endangered' Icelandic language

By Staff

  • Name change Citing increased tourism among other things, domestic airline Flugfélag Íslands ditched Icelandic in favour of English last week. Photo/Vísir.

Icelandic companies have increasingly abandoned the Icelandic language in favour of English names in recent years. The Icelandic Language Committee now urges the companies to help preserve the language which it believes is endangered, in part by influence of the internationally dominant English language.

The domestic airline Flugfélag Íslands announced it was changing its name last week. It is now called Air Iceland Connect. The move drew some criticism and ridicule on social media. In a statement, the airline cited increased presence in foreign markets, an increase in the number of foreign tourists in Iceland and increased cooperation with the international airline Icelandair.

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The Icelandic Language Committe says that the name change is far from an isolated case. A vast number of Icelandic companies go by English names, according to a report by local news site Vísir.

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