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Come on in for Reykjavík Culture Night this weekend

By Staff

  • The festivities reach their zenith when the sky around Reykjavík is filled with a spectacular display of fireworks. Photo/Daníel Rúnarsson

Reykjavík Culture Night has become a permanent fixture of the cultural life of Reykjavík for both natives and visitors. It will be held for the nineteenth time this year on Saturday, 23rd of August


The theme of Reykjavík Cultural Night is: “Come on in,” invoking the old Icelandic tradition of inviting guests inside and treating them warmly—and this is exactly what happens on Culture Night. People all over the downtown area invite people to come into their homes to have some delicious waffles and hot chocolate. Not many cities in the world can boast that their inhabitants invite total strangers home to eat waffles, but that is the charm of Iceland.

Reykjavík Culture Night is essentially an event that takes place all across Reykjavík, both within most of the museums and art galleries of the city but also within the streets, squares, and often even inside residential gardens. Over the course of the day, the downtown area is filled with people from all around the country, as well as numerous tourists, which gives our small city of Reykjavík a metropolitan feeling.

During the past years, over 100,000 guests have attended the festivities, and annually the list of events is over 500, making Reykjavík Culture Night one of the largest and most popular events in Iceland. Another factor that makes this day so great is that all the festival’s events are free of charge. Furthermore, everybody can find something to their liking, since the diversity of events is immense and caters to all age groups.

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